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AT Chandler is a highly regarded American voice actor who has been heard on Television, in Movies, Video Games, Audio Books  and on the Radio the world over.  Notable principle rolls include Dragonball ZDragonball GT  as well as numerous other cartoons, movies and video games. He also has been an imaging voice for Live 105.3, KRLD HD3, The Frisco Rough Riders Broadcast, The Speedfreeks, and 105.3 The Fan among others and was the National Imaging Director for CBS Radio‘s Jack FM franchise.  His incredibly versatile voice makes him a perfect fit for any voice over need from Movie Trailers to On Hold Phone Messages.


Email: ChandlerVoice@gmail.com

Phone: (214) 810-3454

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A Review of VoiceBunny.com: BETA Testing Their BETA Test!

A few months back I awoke on a Saturday morning and began with my usual Saturday morning routine, I grab my phone and check my email before I even get out of bed…I do that every morning, early bird and worms and what not… On this particular weekend morning I got an email that really made my ears perk up because of who it was from… Mr. VoiceBunny. I thought, OK that’s an odd enough name, now I have to read it.

In a nut shell it said that the People of Voice123.com, of which I am a subscriber, are starting a new Voice Over website called VoiceBunny.com. It’s a new type of Voice Over site, because there is no subscription fee, or “pay to play” and the jobs come to you without the need to audition! And since I was “one of the very best on Voice123.com” they wanted to give me the opportunity to be a part of their BETA test.

I thought WOW! me? They want me to help beta test this new site? That is AWESOME! And it is, and I am honored to be among the first of the ranks to give this site a go. (Those ranks have since swollen to…well… a bunch, as they appear to be adding more talent all the time.) So, I thought why not? NO AUDITIONING FOR WORK? IT JUST COMES TO ME? HELL YEAH!!! So I agreed, signed up and started to consider the possibilities and work the system. What follows are the things I have gleaned so far. The good and the bad.

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I Cant Believe They Rejected MY Voice Over Audtion! How to Handle and benefit from the Voice Over Jobs you DON’T get!

As Voice Actors, Voice Over Pro’s or whatever it is in particular you prefer to call yourself…like Voice Artist, you learn pretty quickly that spending time behind the microphone for paying gigs is really only part of your day. A large part of your time, and sometimes it feels like the largest, is spent auditioning. Wether it’s on a Pay-to-Play website like Voice123.com or for an agent or roster, it can sometimes feel like it is an absolute waste of time and be frustrating as all get out. Well guess what? It is not a waste of time, it IS your JOB!

Let me explain. There will be a tipping point in your career where you become established enough that time behind the mic for money becomes the majority of your day, but it is rare that it will be all you ever do…RARE! Auditioning is just part of the “Voice Over Lifestyle”. The sooner you understand and accept that, the better off you are going to be. As a 24 year veteran of the entertainment industry I am no stranger to the audition process, and by extension rejection. So what I am going to share with you in this series are some of the things that I have learned over nearly two and a half decades that help me push through the auditioning process, not get discouraged and keep going!

First I am going to tell you about The Purple Dinosaur!

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SOPA and The Voice Over Business

OK I will admit that I didn’t really think too much on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) or how it will affect me other than possibly limiting my YouTube choices or the ability to share links of Facebook. (Not necessarily a bad thing for me personally as they can end up being a serious time drain when I am trying to be productive). But as today is a big Black Out the Internet Day of protest I thought I might get a little more info about how this could affect my business. The Voice Over Business. First what is SOPA and what is it trying to accomplish? Here is a break down:

SOPA would give both the government and major corporations the power to shut down entire websites accused of copyright infringement with neither a trial nor a traditional court hearing. The legislation is aggressively backed by Hollywood movie studios and major record labels, along with several major news providers, including Fox News and NBC-Universal, which have largely shied away from coverage of the bill.” (totally stolen from the Huffington Post which SOPA is designed to prevent BUT because I am telling you and providing you with a Hyperlink to their site they should be happy because I am helping to direct traffic to their site on which they sell advertising. And that is the way the Internet is supposed to work.)

For a much Cuter and a bit racier explanation go here TheOatmeal.com

So, how does this affect the Voice Over Industry? Simple. Have you ever done a concert promo with hooks from the band for Radio or TV and then used it on your Demo Reel? If that Demo Reel is on your Website promoting your Voice Over Business…BOOM you could be shut down. The Radio and TV stations have the right you use the promo but because you were paid out right for the use of your Voice you have no right to use it in your Demo. Same thing goes for Movie Trailers, TV show Promos, Cartoon Characters and “Mock Commercials” that use products that we didn’t actually do the commercial for (not that any of us would EVER do that).

In short, this whole SOPA thing could really be bad for Voice Over Actors as well as everybody else. So if you want to make sure you aren’t shut down by “The Man” Sign the petition and share the information.


My Newest Book to Voice!

So I am in love with audio books.  They combine my two favorite things, reading and performance.  So I have decided to share some of my favorite snipits and audition pieces.  I was recently asked to Narrate  a fantastic new book by Laura Lond  entitled My Sparkling Misfortune.  Click to the next page to hear the first five minutes, enjoy!

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Check 1, 2: Microphone Technique, a basic how to!


One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to the Voice Over World is unfortunately more common than you might think….Microphone Technique…or Mic Technique if you’re nasty… But seriously, the improper use of this ever so important tool is the fastest way to get labeled a newbie, a rookie, or even…dare I say it…an amateur! So, here is a basic over view of Mic Technique to help you get the most out of your voice over.

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How to do Voice Overs for Commercials

  I know that I am opening myself up to a lot of criticism and “you forgot abouts” in this post so let me first start off by saying this is not an attempt to be the definitive instruction on commercial voice overs and is only based on my experience of dealing with commercial voice over artists as a major market creative services director and the national imaging director for CBS Radio‘s Jack FM franchise. Are there other opinions about commercial voice overs? Yes. Would I like to hear those other opinions? Absolutely, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Sharing is caring. That said, here are some of the basics and potential pitfalls when approaching a commercial copy voice over.

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Loud Pipes Save Lives…Warm Pipes Save Careers


Anybody who does voice-overs or uses their voice regularly for extended periods of time, like public speakers, know the value of vocal warm ups. Or at least they should know the value of Vocal Warm Ups. Just like athletes stretch their muscles before working out or competing, a voice actor should work their muscles as well. So I am going to share with you my vocal workout. You could call it the P90X of Vocal work outs. It’s intense, but gets great results. Read the rest of this entry

Voicing for a Producer: The guy that edits your voice over has your next paycheck in his hands.

There is one person that a lot of “Voice Actors” don’t really think of when it comes to getting the gig, never mind keeping the gig, and that is the producer or audio engineer…whatever you want to call him or her. This is a big shame because this is the person that ultimately controls what you end up sounding like.

I have the benefit of experience on both sides of the mic. I have done voice work for cartoons, video games, television and radio, commercials and imaging (these are not voiced the same, by the way, but that’s another blog) on hold messages….you name it. And I’ve also been the producer for all of these types of projects…I was the guy that chopped up the audio and produced the final project, so I know first hand just how influential this position is for getting voice work…and losing it.

Audio mixer faders at the Bull & Gate pub in K...

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Are the Days of the “Big Voice” guy over?

When I tell people that I do Voice over work for a living, the comment I get most often is, “Well you do have the voice for it.” and when I first started out doing Voice Over, I thought about how luck I am to have “The voice for it”

But the more involved I got in the wider world of Voice work, the more I started to realize something…”The voice” doesn’t really exist. Most of us grew up with a preconceived notion of what a Voice Over Artist is supposed to sound like. Here is a brief history to explain what I mean.

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